T-Shirts Aren’t Just for Weekends Anymore

There was a time, as a career woman, to be taken seriously I had to wear just-below-the knee skirts and a blazer, either in black or navy, a button-down blouse, and heels. I would not have been caught in a T-Shirt at work even on “casual Friday.” Casual Friday meant wearing khaki slacks, maybe a company button-down blouse, and shorter-than-Monday-through-Thursday heels.

Times have changed! T-Shirts aren’t just for weekends anymore. According to Bailey (2018), “…women are now more likely to wear skinny jeans, a smart jacket, a t-shirt or top and sneakers or flat shoes” on a daily basis. Why? Comfort. It is argued that comfort equals higher productivity. I think I speak for many women when I say that I am much more comfortable in a T-Shirt than a button-down blouse any day. It does not matter if you are working in corporate America, a stay-at-home-mom, or anything in between, wearing a T-Shirt that is comfortable and that you love will make you feel better about yourself thus improving productivity. You can pair your favorite Hannah & Ruth Christian T-Shirt with a blazer and hit a hot spot for dinner, wear it with a chic, cute cardigan on cool nights out with friends, or show it off on lazy days hanging with the girls! The possibilities are endless – much like your choices at Hannah & Ruth.


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