Hope Is Not Canceled

Whew! We can all admit that Spring 2020 did not go down as planned. As we are winding down May I am ready to be done with terms like ‘social distancing’ and ‘distant learning’...especially distant learning! Seems we have all regressed into toddlers being reminded around every corner to wash our hands and to keep our hand off our faces. I’ve even found myself reminding my husband as we shop to ‘shop’ with his eyes and not his hands. Sorry,  not sorry! With so many events still being postponed or canceled am I the only one who needs to be reminded that ​hope is not canceled? Let me repeat that...​hope is not canceled!

In fact, go ahead and write ​ HOPE ​ on every square of your calendar for the rest of 2020! In ink...none of those cool erasable pens either! Permanent Ink required and write it Big and Bold ​in every square. That’s how confident I am that...​ hope is not canceled!  

Bible Hope ​is the ​confident expectation of what God has promised and its strength in His faithfulness!

Confident Expectation... ​ let’s sit on that phrase for a bit. 

Confident​ is defined as having a strong belief or full assurance. And ​expectation ​is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. One definition of ​hope​ is a feeling of trust. Boy, do I tend to make these simple words complicated. The opposite of having hope is ​hopeless… ...feelings of ​despair, inadequate, incompetent. Those feelings don’t come from God so they are not going to be my choice. How about you?  

Rejoice in Hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12 (esv)

Romans 12:12 packs a punch giving us some definite guidelines to follow. I love the wording from The Passion translation as well. ​ Let this hope burst forth within you, releasing a continual joy. Don’t give up in a time of   trouble, but commune with God at all times. For me, that adds another layer. Romans 12:12 could read ​ Let this confident expectation burst forth within me releasing continual joy. ​ Hmm...as I meditate on those words I realize that I haven’t been releasing continually joy even though I have not been fearful during this time as I trust that God will provide and protect. However, there have been less than joyful moments...especially during the above-mentioned distant learning parts of the day. Again...​ hope is not canceled! I am, however, ​confidently expecting to burst forth ​with our new normal soon! I am ready to connect with friends face to face, to have my checkbook be the only shopping concern I have, to HUG without any apprehension, and to enjoy church in person! Being able to connect electronically has been a blessing and I am grateful, but I am ready to be in the presence of my circle. Even though I have hope that finding our new normal will bring me immense joy, I am also aware that it will take time and  patience. I’m trusting... ​ hope is not canceled.   

What ‘normal’ are you confidently expecting? 

  • Getting back to work?
  • Visiting a family member? 
  • Meeting a friend for coffee to chat past lunchtime? 
  • Eating out at your favorite restaurant? 
  • Hobby Lobby or Barnes & Noble reopening? 
  • In-person church service? 
  • Random conversations in the checkout line? 
  • Less blank squares on your calendar? 
  • Leaving the house for a meeting? 
  • Attending a celebration for a birthday, graduation, or a wedding? 
  • Going on vacation?  
  • Having family or friends over...even if you exceed 10 guests?   

Me too!!!

Can I make a confession? This stays between you and me, right?! I am not a very patient person! Shhh! Remember, this stays right here. That being said, ​during this season of ‘waiting,’ I am trusting that God is using it to prepare me for whatever comes next. Be still in ​confident expectation! ​ Psalm 62:5​ ​ We are all in the same boat, aren’t we? We have no idea what is coming next or when ‘next’ will begin. I choose to place my ​ hope​ in the one who does see the big picture...​ Jesus​! The one who has always been faithful...​ hope is not canceled!    

I’m not a warrior, I’m too afraid to lose

I feel unqualified for what You’re calling me to

But Lord with YOUR STRENGTH, I’ve got no excuse

‘Cause broken people are exactly who You use

So give me FAITH like Daniel in the lion’s den

Give me HOPE like Moses in the wilderness

Give me a HEART like David, Lord be my defense

So I can face my giants with CONFIDENCE

You took a shepherd boy and made him a King

So I’m gonna trust You and give You everything

I’ll be a conqueror, ’cause You fight for me

I’ll be a champion claiming YOUR VICTORY

So give me FAITH like Daniel in the lion’s den

Give me HOPE like Moses in the wilderness

Give me a HEART like David, Lord be my defense

So I can face my giants with CONFIDENCE

I’m gonna sing and shout and shake the walls

I won’t stop until I see them fall

I’m gonna stand up, step out when You call


This song is called ​Confidence ​by Sanctus Real​. These lyrics really speak to me. God has called me to do some things that I didn’t feel qualified for, but with His strength backing me, I was filled with ​ HOPE...Confident Expectation! ​ The confidence that has taken me into prisons to share God’s ​Faith, Hope, and Heart. ​The confidence to overcome my social anxiety and say ‘yes’ to new experiences. The confidence to forgive the unforgivable. The confidence to fight when others would walk away. The confidence to trust God completely! That’s why I am confident that...​ hope is not canceled.

With this kind of hope... we should be expecting to get through anything. Anything ​ includes this pandemic don’t you think? Does ​anything​ include being laid off? ​Yep!​ How about that diagnosis from the doctor? ​Absolutely!​ And the lack in your bank account or pantry? ​Definitely!​ What about the number on the bathroom scale? ​Of course!​ Do  you agree that anything includes those stressful or damaged relationships? ​Me too!​ I’m positive that  anything includes ​ALL​ that comes with parenting...especially distant learning! So thankful that...​ hope is not canceled!   

Heavenly Father, Thank You so much for always being   faithful. That I can put my trust in you completely. And because of that trust, I have hope...confident expectation that you will work all things together for good. I have no doubt that your plans will be far more than I can hope or imagine. I am so very grateful for your peace! Please continue to provide and protect as only you can. In Jesus name, AMEN!    

Blessings - ((Hugs)) Kim    

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*This blog was written by Kimberly Reiners from CHOSEN...For Such A Time

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