Perhaps You Were Created for Such a Time as This

God is a Master Orchestrator! Do you like to reminisce over your life? Me too! I thoroughly enjoy thinking back over my timeline of events big and small. The path I’ve been on so far with scenic hills and valleys and have included many twists and turns. I can clearly see God recalculating my route when I’ve gotten completely off course. ​God is a Master Orchestrator...

How God directs, redirects...and ​recalculates ​ is just amazing. I enjoy seeing how God has orchestrated so many things in my life--big and small. If you are like me you have a few big moments that you feel you were ABSOLUTELY ‘created’ or ‘Chosen’ for. For example, I know that I was ABSOLUTELY Chosen to marry my husband--not just once but twice. And I was ABSOLUTELY Chosen to be Mom to our three boys. I was also ABSOLUTELY Chosen to along with my husband to raise our niece. I am going to call these things my ABSOLUTES. ​God is a Master Orchestrator…

Take a moment and reminisce over your ABSOLUTES. No rush. I’ll be right here when you are done.

Can we pretend for a moment that we are sitting together having a face to face conversation? More than likely we will be chatting over a warm cup of coffee or hot tea. As we settle in I would love to hear about your ABSOLUTES. About the things you know...that you know...that you know you were created or Chosen for. Will you be telling me about your spouse, your children, your parents, your pets, your careers, or maybe even your neighborhoods? What a GLORIOUS conversation that would be. ​God is a Master Orchestrator…

Let me share with you the many types of friends that I am ‘Chosen’ to have. Some of which were meant for a lifetime, a season or a reason. Within these friendships, frequently I was the one Chosen to impact but oftentimes I was the one impacted. One thing that all of these friendships have in common is a divine purpose. I’m choosing to trust God especially when I get confused by His timing. You know when the ‘really good’ friendships end way sooner than you had hoped or prayed for. There is so much growth that happens within friendships. I trust that God wastes nothing. (​Romans 8:28​) ​God is a Master Orchestrator...

Let’s get a refill and continue chatting about friendships--such a  complicated subject and worthy of more than one cup don’t you agree?  

I absolutely LOVE the diversity of the friends that I am blessed with during this season of life.  God has handpicked them so that we can share in each other’s stories perfectly...​for such a time as this. ​ Lately, God has been showing up and showing off a lot. I am so very GRATEFUL for the friends I’ve had since my teens and early twenties--we’ve shared many hills and valleys together. He has reunited me with a friend that I met in elementary school...​for such a time as this. ​ He has brought me new friends that fit just perfectly into THIS chapter(s)...​for such a time as this. ​ (If I’m being completely honest, I’m praying that many turn into lifetime friends though)  ​God is a Master Orchestrator…

I am continually in ‘awe’ of what I call ‘Chosen Moments’! You know those times or situations that give you goosebumps and make you say, ​“Thank you, God. I love it!”

Recently I have been blessed with many ‘Chosen Moments’: ● When the perfect song came on the radio. ● By receiving that perfectly timed message.  ● Within the walls of a prison.  ● During prayer given and received.  ● While attending a support group.  ● On Sunday mornings at a new Church. ● As I say ‘yes’ to a volunteer opportunity. ● When stepping out of my comfort zone. ● In the presence of the most spectacular sunset.  ● Watching the leaves make their journey to the ground.  ● Sitting here with you reminiscing. 

I know... that I know... that I know those moments were ‘Chosen’ specifically for me. Perhaps I was Created for Such a Time as This! ​ God is a Master Orchestrator…

As our time together comes to an end can I encourage you to take time to reminisce over your ABSOLUTES and your CHOSEN MOMENTS? Maybe we can pick up this conversation in the chat section below...I’ll get comfy with my cup in hand. I also want to share this beautiful Chris Tomlin song with you ​Impact! ​

Friends brace yourself for the impact of His LOVE, MERCY, and GRACE as He orchestrates for you...​His precious child. 

Thank you God I love it!

Heavenly Father, Thank you so much for being my Master Orchestrator. You  know exactly who I need during each and every day, chapter, season. You  bring those friendships and Chosen Moments at just the right time. I am in awe of you. Please continue to open my eyes to your wonders and not take  any for granted. Please continue to use me as you orchestrate for others. In  the precious and holy name of Jesus...AMEN!   


((HUGS)) Kim

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