Pumpkin Spice and Jesus Junkie!

What comes to mind when you think of October?   

🍂Pumpkin Spice & Hayrides? 

🍂Apple Orchards & Scarves?

🍂Changing leaves & Crisp air? 

🍂Movie nights & Warm Blankets? 

🍂Costumes & Carving Pumpkins? 

🍂Jeans & Sweatshirts? 

🍂Long Days & Harvest? 

🍂Mammograms & Sisterhood? 

I can say ‘Yep’ while raising my hand high to most of these.  How about you? It makes me chuckle how commercial something like ‘Pumpkin Spice’ has become. Kinda blows my mind if I am being honest. Have you noticed it has become like any other holiday in the sense that the pumpkin spice flavored or scented items hit the store shelves earlier and earlier each year? I must admit that I did hit the ‘fall scented candle’ store several weeks ago. Are you a Pumpkin Spice Junkie? I could name a few but I won’t call you out publicly.    

God of all my days…   

No matter what comes to mind this month do you know that God is with you…. ALWAYS? Like for real…. all of our days! The good days, the bad days, and the in-between days. That truly gives me the Peace that feels like the warmest blanket on a cool fall day. A peace that makes me smile like the smell of fresh apple pie or cider with cinnamon. The peacefulness that comes over us when our mammogram results come back clear, when you get that dreaded ‘call back,’ and even when (especially when) they say the unspeakable. You see, He is the God of all my days.   

God of all my days…   

Paul’s final greeting in 2 Thessalonians 3:16 says, “Now may the Lord of Peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.” May the ‘Lord of Peace’ give you peace at ALL times in EVERY way. So that covers all those warm and comforting first thoughts of October to the stress and worry that will no doubt be a part of this month of life. We ‘get to’ choose how we handle the ALL and the Every. I’m choosing the peace that comes from being an aspiring ‘Jesus Junkie.’ You see, He is the God of all my days.    

Jesus Junkie, as defined in the Urban dictionary, is when the most important thing in a person’s life, over friends, family, and one's own life is Jesus. Boom! Now that is someone to aspire to be. I say ‘aspire’ because I am not there yet. I still fall short on the daily. I still worry, stress, and fret about things that God has complete control over. And as I’ve been reminded at church the past couple of Sundays, ​GOD IS SMARTER THAN ME! ​So simple yet so powerful. In my opinion when I spend time on things that are out of my control then I am not being a true 100% Jesus Junkie. You see, He is God of all my days.  

God of all my days…   

Casting Crowns sings one of my absolute favorite songs God of All My Days. I encourage you to take a moment right now and listen to this song. Yes, right now just click the link.  Then really let the lyrics warm you from the inside like a pumpkin spice latte or perhaps that fresh from the oven apple crisp. My prayer is that you truly believe the words. I think as an aspiring Jesus Junkie we have too.

In my worry, God you are my stillness 

In my searching, God You are my answers 

In my blindness, God You are my vision 

In my bondage, God You are my freedom 

In my weakness, God You are my power 

You’re the reason that I sing 

‘Cause You are the God of all my days

Each step I take, You make a way

I will give you all my praise 

My sins exchanged, You stayed the same   

You are the God of all my days… 

I do not know what this October has in store for me or for you. This may be a season of wonderful mixed with a dash of less than, or it may be quite the opposite. I’m assuming mine will be filled with a combination of all those things that make fall what it is: a season of warmth on the inside and a crisp coolness on the outside. But no matter what, I am choosing to tap into my inner Jesus Junkie and I will praise the God of all my days…   

Heavenly Father, thank you for this new month of life. For this new season no matter what lies ahead. Please continue to fill us with Your peace!  The peace that comes from the absolute assurance that You are with us through it all. You are with our all’s and our every’s. I trust that you will never leave or forsake us. You are a good, good father! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!   

I would love to hear about your favorite fall activities and traditions. Won’t you share in the comments below?

~ Blessings ~ 

( ( H u g s ) ) Kim   

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