Thankful & Blessed

It has been brought to my attention that today, Monday, June 8th, is ​Best Friends Day! ​I have truly been blessed with some of the most amazing friends over the years. As I reminisce, it is clear how God has orchestrated simple connections into different levels and categories of friendships. His timing is always perfect and I am Thankful & Blessed ​… ​#BFD2020   

I have taken some time to thumb through my memories of friends that have come and gone over the years. So many great memories and some not so great ones. Memories that bring back feelings and emotions that tip both ends of the scale for sure. ​ Now that I have entered a more mature season of life, I can see that our God wastes nothing. He uses all those experiences to shape and mold us into the person He envisioned. I can smile as I remember that I am ​Thankful & Blessed ​…  #BFD2020 

Do you believe that friends fit into 3 categories? ...Reason, Season, and Lifetime...

I’ve definitely seen this in my life. 

Those friends that are intended for a ​reason​ will show up at just the right time. It truly feels like they are an answer to a specific prayer. These friends will meet either a physical or an emotional need...maybe both! Often times this friend provides guidance in a specific area of struggle and then the friendship fades after the need is met. If you are like me, you have several names pop into your memory. I find myself smiling and whispering, ‘Thank you, God, for the friends that were sent for specific reasons.’ ​ And it also makes me wonder when I was the ​“reason friend” ​for someone else. ​Thankful & Blessed...​ ​#BFD2020 

How about those friends that we get to enjoy for a season? ​These seasons can be filled with hardship, happiness, or both. Sometimes these friends help us learn something new or have a common interest for a period of time. In my experience, ​seasonal friends ​are very difficult to lose because the connection is deep...most of the time that is. There are those seasonal friends that God closes the door because they are no longer healthy relationships. Either way, it can be hard when seasons change. ​‘​Thank you, God, for all of my seasonal friends!’ Memories are truly a gift from above. Be still and know that I am Thankful & Blessed... #BFD2020   

My ​lifetime​ friends are so precious and treasured. Those friends who you can go a period of time without seeing but you jump right in like you’ve been in continual communication with. These are the friends who know the good, the bad, and the ugly but love you anyway. In my opinion, a ​lifetime ​ friend can be someone you’ve known your whole life or someone you’ve met recently. Sometimes I just know deep in my soul when God has brought me a new ​lifetime friend! ​Thank you, God, for the continued blessing of lifetime friends. ​ Love, Love,  Love ​ Thankful & Blessed ​… ​#BFD2020 

I refer to my ​lifetime friends ​ as my ​INNER CIRCLE… or my ​BFFs. Sometimes my ​CHOSEN FAMILY. Do you agree that within your ​Inner Circle ​you have different types or categories of friends? I think God intends for us to have a diverse circle of friends to navigate this ever-changing life with.  

  • The Social Butterfly ​ - this friend seems to know everyone and is very welcoming, kind, and considerate.  
  • The Fearless Adventurer ​ - this friend could be referred to as your ‘fun’ friend. The one who can pull you out of your shell and your daily routines.  
  • The Brutally Honest ​ - this is the friend you go to when you don’t want the fluff. You need to hear the truth even if it stings a little.  
  • The Secret Keeper ​ - the most trustworthy of friends. This is the friend that you can share it all with because you know that it won’t go any further.  
  • The Wise Mentor ​ - this friend is an example of how you want to live in a certain area and inspires us to be better without making us feel inadequate.  
  • The Mother Figure ​ - this friend can be the most helpful, caring, and loving person. They always seem to put the needs of others first. They are naturally nurturing.  
  • The Polar Opposite ​- this friend can definitely help to open up our eyes to different world views and experiences.  
  • The Internet Friend ​ - in this age of technology and social media, many of us are blessed with an online community. These friends tend to live all over the globe but are treasured just like the ones in our own neck of the woods.  

As I read through those categories again, I can’t help but thumb through the names of my Inner Circle -​ my ​ BFFs - and I realize exactly how blessed I truly am. Many of my friends fall into more than one category. ​ Thank You, God, for such a diverse inner circle. ​ He truly provides exactly what we need. Yes, I am ​Thankful & Blessed...​ #BFD2020 

The song that I immediately think of when I think of my Best Friends ​is ​Hold Us Together ​by Matt Maher. Sharing love with our ​BEST FRIENDS ​will truly help hold us together. God never intended for us to live life alone. This is the first day of the rest of your life. I would encourage you to reach out to those friends that God has blessed you with and let them know you are so very thankful for the gift they are. It doesn’t matter if they are gifted to you for a ​ reason, season, or lifetime - ​ treasure them and ​thank the GIVER… #BFD2020   

Heavenly Father, Thank you so much for the many friends you have blessed me with over the years. You have always been faithful. You know exactly who I need for each reason, for every season and to share a lifetime with. Please open my eyes, ears, and heart to become the friend you intend for me to be. I am available to be used for your plan in someone else’s journey. In the precious and holy name of Jesus... AMEN!    


((Hugs)) Kim

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