Cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken. Psalm 55:22 (nasb)    

What burdens you, my friend?  Do you have more month than money? That call-back from the doctor? The ‘joys’ of parenting toddlers and/or teens? The car that used to be so reliable is now starting to become moody? Have you stretched yourself and your schedule to thin? Those deep hurts, sorrows, and brokenness that you don’t speak out loud? Are you burdened by fear, shame or unforgiveness? Is it frustrating to keep all areas of your life ‘balanced’? 

How long have you been carrying those burdens?  Are they getting unbearable?  Cast them on the Lord…   

Here is what dictionary.com says about burden- ​ that which is carried; that which is born of difficulty; to load heavily; trouble. ‘To load heavily’.... ‘Born of difficulty’-- Seems about right to me. I have had moments, days, and seasons in my life where my load has been ‘heavy’ for sure.  Sometimes it seems to keep piling on. There is a combination of burdens that I place on myself and those placed by others. I know I am not alone.  Cast them on the Lord…   

In nautical terms ‘burden’ means the weight of a ship's cargo or the ‘carrying capacity’ of a ship. Do you feel like you are at your ‘carrying capacity’? Are you feeling like if one more bad phone call, another arguing child, an unexpected bill comes in the mail, or a snarky comment from him/her is received you might lose it completely? Well, there is good news! Cast them on the Lord…     

Have you seen the image of the guy carrying the boulder on his back? Anyone else besides me relate to this photo? The hunched back, dripping with sweat, buckling knees and ‘shaking’ from the weight of all we are carrying…. our ships are at maximum capacity. We were NEVER intended to carry loads like this. Psalms 55:22​ in the amplified version refers to ‘cast’ as release it. And the British dictionary defines it as “To throw or expel with violence; to reject or dismiss; to  shed or drop.” YES, that’s what we are supposed to do. Cast them on the Lord...   

But what does cast or ‘release it’ or ‘expel with violence’ look like for you? For me, it has looked like taking a ‘time out’-in my room- with no electronics until my attitude changes. It’s looked like saying ‘no’ when asked to volunteer for one more thing. It has meant forgiving when I thought I never could. It has meant ‘choosing’ to do the work to heal from deep hurt and leaving the past behind. It has meant facing my fears. It has meant having that ‘tough’ conversation. And it has definitely meant spending more time in prayer, learning to surrender my heart, and trusting God to take it all.  Cast them on the Lord…  unshakABLE.

As I was preparing to write this God prompted me to focus on the ‘ABLE’ part of the word unshakable. So again, I went to dictionary.com and looked at the definition of ABLE: having necessary power or skill, resources or qualifications; qualified.  

We have the ​ ‘necessary’ ​ POWER and we ​‘are’  QUALIFIED to release our burdens!! If we have the necessary power and we are qualified  then why is it we tend to let our burdens stick around way past their welcome? Letting them pile high until we can’t stand firm. It’s so hard to trust God to follow through with His promises with such a weight on us. If you read a little further in Psalm 55 verse 23 ends with “…but I will (boldly and unwaveringly) trust in you.” Meaning God! Repeat that with me: I will boldly and unwaveringly trust God! Cast them on the Lord...   

I have been on a journey to trusting God fully this year. I am experiencing a peace that can only come from Him and releasing burdens… expelling them with violence. That does not mean everything is miraculously going perfect or that I don’t have any stress & ‘life’ hitting me. What it does means is that I trust that God is in control and that He will work all things together for good. It means that I can release all my cares, worries, stresses, hurts--my burdens to Him.  Cast them on the Lord…   

Here is the perfect song to end this message: ‘Stand in your Love’ by Bethel Music & Josh Baldwin.     

Heavenly Father, I thank you so much for not wanting me to carry burdens. Thank you that I can cast them on to you. Without you, I would be buried under those burdens. I trust that your plan is a good one and that you will use everything that the enemy intends for harm for your glory. In Jesus’ precious and holy name...AMEN! 

Blessings –


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