What She Tackles She Conquers

What do you think of when you hear the word ​tackle

Maybe you immediately think of ​tackle ​as a problem? Is that problem large like Mount Everest, the unbelievable diagnosis, that number on the scale which only seems to go one direction, the ever-growing laundry pile that makes you question exactly how many people live in your house,  or the to-do list with very few check marks?

Or perhaps, you too, have worn the title of ​‘Proud Football Mom’ ​so ​tackle​ takes your mind directly to a rectangle field, fall weather, concession stand popcorn, and ​Kenny Chesney’s song Boys of Fall. ​(Ok, yes, I included the link to the video so you can sing along too!) I can quickly picture each one of my boys in their junior football uniforms and then to our oldest in High School. Just like the professionals, they had helmets with face shields, chin straps, mouth guards, shoulder pads, pants that held pads, cleats, and playbooks (with instructions to study and memorize).  All this equipment is required to keep them safe. 

Google tells me that tackle as a noun is ​the equipment required for a task or sport.

I spent quite a few years on the sidelines trying desperately to keep track of ​my player even though once they put on their pads and helmet they all looked the same. At the beginning of each play, I would search the field to spot the gold and maroon jersey with the correct number on it. Because I only kinda sorta knew the rules, my goal was to watch and pray for that equipment ​ to do its job. I prayed for ‘helmet to cleats’ protection. ​You see, while my boys studied the playbook and Iearned about the safest way for them to play I studied the dangers of them playing without all their equipment! That knowledge even led to rushing home when an item was left behind. 

Tackle used as a verb: ​make a determined effort to deal with a problem or difficult task.

The Apostle Paul tells us in​ Ephesians 6​ ​to be strong in the Lord and his mighty power.​ Same Power (another song comes to mind – this one by Jeremy Camp). Put on the ​ Armor of God ​ so that you can take a stand against the dark schemes! ​ The Armor of God includes ​the ​​belt of truth, the ​breastplate ​ of righteousness, the ​shoes of peace, the ​shield ​of faith, helmet of salvation, and the ​sword of righteousness! 

The Armor of God is our ‘daily life’ safety equipment! The ultimate head to toe protection. And don’t forget Prayer! We are told to pray in the spirit on ​all ​occasions. It doesn’t say ‘some’ or ‘every-so-often’ or ‘only as a last resort.’ No, it says on ALL occasions! Pretty sure that includes all of those things I mentioned above. I am learning that no matter what, I have to study and ‘try’ to memorize my playbook (Bible) and plays (scripture) daily, my uniform (Armor of God) must be worn always, and I must look to the coach (God) for guidance and direction.

I believe every word of​ ​Philippians 4:13. I (insert your name) can do ALL (not some) things (anything I need to tackle) through Christ who strengthens me! ​ I challenge you to write this verse on a post-it note then place somewhere you often look to memorize it. Use it as part of your safety equipment for your daily life. It doesn’t matter if you are cheering for your kids on the sidelines or folding their laundry; it doesn’t matter if you are using tackle as a noun or verb. Your creator has given you everything you need to ​TACKLE AND CONQUER!

I would love to hear how you are “tackling” down in the comments below!



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